Reading our first story together!

This week we finished our first Language Arts lesson: Gloria, quien podria ser mi mejor amiga.      Our objectives were:

  • review nouns, proper nouns, and cognates
  • use comprehension strategies such as Making Connections, Predicting, and Summarizing to construct meaning from the story
  • use comprehension skill Classify and Categorize as we read the story the second time
  • complete first spelling test and define new spelling words

A quick reminder that our Reader worksheets, such as the cognados, nombres propios, and nombre comunes sheet, are done partly in class. The rest is to be done while students are reading their readers. This can count as part of their 15 minutes of Spanish reading a day! Students have their new spelling list and have also written their new spelling words in their planner!

We did take our first spelling test this week. I understand that we are still getting used to being in school and to the new expectations. Although our test scores were not spectacular it does help us understand what we need to focus on for next week. I will be placing extra emphasis on accent placement this upcoming week. Mistakes help us learn!



Using base 10 blocks in math!

This week we finished our first unit on numbers to 10,000! Our objectives were

  • use base-ten blocks and a place-value chart to read, write, and represent numbers to 10,000
  • read and write numbers to 10,000 in standard form, expanded form, and word form
  • use base-ten blocks to compare and order numbers
  • use place value to compare and order numbers

A quick reminder that math packets are for at home reinforcement and are not assigned homework. I will also discuss with the class, and send home an e-mail about Khan Academy next week!

History & Geography

Social studies with Ms. Marci
Our "Living" map

     Our “Living” map

This week we continued our unit on geography.  We worked on adding to our class “Living” map, and made a color circle project to illustrate our “global address”.  On Thursday we took a quiz on what we’ve learned so far and corrected these in class.

Our objectives were to:
•  understand how to use and construct maps, globes, and other geographic tools to locate and derive information about         people, places, and environments
•  locate  and label the four oceans and seven continents on a map
•  construct a model that shows the relationship between ourselves and the size of the Earth
•  understand the concept of a region as a term used by geographers two Define areas by culture
•  identify latitude and longitude on a map and a globe





•  locate the equator on a map and a globe
•  recognize the configuration of a city, within a state, within a country, on a continent, on the Earth

IMG_2780Social Studies with Ms. Laura

We continued our study of the Geography of The Americas, by learning about Mexico and Central America.  We talked about the history, the people, the climate, the mountains, valleys and volcanoes.  We learned about the crops that are grown and the languages spoken.



This week in classification of animals we took a look at warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. The class heard two poems one by Lewis Carroll called Crocodile and another titled Eletelephony by Laura Richards. We used these poems to help us make observe characteristics of the crocodile and elephant. We also began an animal poem project in class.

Our objectives this week were to:
•  observe and describe basic characteristics of an animal
•  identify cold blooded/warm-blooded and vertebrates/invertebrates as important characteristics used to classify animals
•  describe basic characteristics of cold blooded and warm blooded animals
•  identify fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals as groups of vertebrates
•  identify basic characteristics of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals

English Word Work

We took our first spelling test on Friday. Students were grouped on Monday and met with me for a mini lesson.  They were given two copies of their sorts, one for school and one for home. The class will have opportunities to sort in class throughout the week but Spelling activities this year will be done at home as homework. Students are responsible for turning in their activities on Friday for both Spanish and English. Please remind your child that  they have a weekly spelling homework check off sheet in their take-home folder.