This week we read Perchas urbanas: donde anidan las aves. Our objectives were:

  • learn to apply the context surrounding a word to help discover the concept of words related to a specific topic
  • understand the capitalization of names of places
  • use comprehension strategies such as asking questions, and summarizing to construct meaning from the story
  • review Cause and Effect and use the comprehension skill as we read the story the second time

Students also received their new spelling words on Thursday!


This week we began working with multiplying multiple digits by one digit. Our objectives were:

  • Multiply ones, tens, and hundreds mentally
  • Multiply ones, tens, and hundreds without regrouping
  • Multiply ones, tens, and hundreds with regrouping

History & Geography

Social studies with Ms. Marci.
This week we read about the downfall of the Roman Empire. The class began to work on their research for their Roman Contribution opinion papers.20171204_141536_resized
Our objectives were to:
•  locate on a map the following locations: the Mediterranean Sea, Europe, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, North Africa, and Cartridge.
• describe the evolution of government in ancient Rome: monarchy to Republic to empire
• identify some of the contributions of the ancient Roman civilization,  and describe how they have influenced the present
• explain that Rome had favorable and unfavorable emperors, and give a few examples
• identify a few factors that led to the decline of the Roman Empire

IMG_2904Social Studies with Ms. Laura: We located Japan and identified it as a country made up of four main islands.  We recognized the Japanese flag and learned of its symbolism.  We discussed the main geographical features and staple foods of Japan.  We learned about haiku and try writing, and illustrating, our own haiku.  We recognized Japan as a modern industrial nation, with the large city of Tokyo as its capital.   We discussed the many Japanese inventions we use in our lives.  We read the Japanese folktale The Greatest of All by Eric Kimmel.  It ends with a Haiku!


This week we continued with our Light and Sound science domain.  The class learned more about light, how it bends, and how 20171204_150034_resizedsome familiar tools and instruments and bend light in interesting and useful ways.

Our objections were to:
• identify light as a form of energy the travels and waves
• describe how light waves travel in different mediums
• explain how light is absorbed, reflected, or transmitted
• describe the three types of mirrors: plane, concave, and convex
• compare and contrast the terms concave and convex
• compare and contrast transparent, translucent, and opaque objects
• describe how mirrors and lenses are used in variety of instruments20171204_145637_resized
• explain how life is refracted

English Word Work

We had our spelling test on Thursday.  In grammar this week we reviewed past tense verbs. In journals the class used the word “taunt” and wrote about a time when they either taunted someone or felt taunted.