Hard at work on our book reports!

This week we finished writing for our book report. Our objectives were:

  • Introduce their book, characters, and setting in the writing piece
  • Develop the topic by stating the conflict and at least two events from the story
  • Use linking words and phrases
  • Provide a concluding statement by providing their opinion

Some students will finish typing their story next week. Next Friday we will have a book report fair during the first 15 minuets of school so parents can come by and see everyone’s hard work!



Working on Khan!

This week we began our new unit, Division! Our objectives were:

  • Use related multiplication facts to divide
  • Use patterns to divide multiples of 10 and 100

Remember to keep practicing those multiplication facts at home, this will help so much while we work on division and as we continue throughout the year!

History & Geography

Social studies with Ms. Marci
This week we worked on our Roman contribution paragraphs .  Most of the class has finished revising their rough drafts and are working on editing.  Students should be planning to work on either a model or a poster board to illustrate their chosen contribution at home.  Reports and models/posters are due on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

IMG_2920Social Studies with Ms. Laura We began our unit about by locating ancient Greece on the map.  We notice that ancient Greece is much larger than present day Greece, with some city-states in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) and Italy and Africa.  We talked about important geographical features, surrounding countries and bodies of water.  We learned about city-states and the Greek alphabet, which we practiced writing and singing!  We read one of Aesop’s fables.


This week we continued with our Light and Sound science domain.  We finished our Light section and did some exploration with color .  We had fun using prisms to create rainbows.  We took a pausing point to to summarize and review what we have learned in this domain up to this point. The class did riddles for core content, brainstormed key vocabulary, and chose a vocabulary word to illustrate and define.20180105_135149_resized_1

20180105_135539_resizedOur objections were to:
• recall the five senses and there corresponding sensory Oregon
• identify the sun as Earth’s main source of light and name other light sources
• identify light as a form of energy that travels in waves
• describe how light waves travel in different mediums
• explain that color is determined  by how light is absorbed and reflected.
• explain what causes a rainbow to occur

English Word Work

This week in grammar we worked on exclamation and command sentences.  In our journals we wrote about our New Years resolutions and used the word of the week, “shrieked”.  We will have spelling sort lists next week, due to the short week we did not have spelling.


Music with Ms. Erin
In January the 2nd and 3rd grade class will be learning how to write notation on the music staff with these elements:
– Treble clef
– 4/4, 3/4, and 2/4 time signatures
– Bar lines, double bar lines, and repeat signs
– Notes in the key of C Major
With these skills we will be able to begin writing melodies and songs that we will then sing and play together.